Project 365 2012: Week 15 – Spring Break! Wooooo!

by Wendy Copley on May 22, 2012

Project 365 Week 15

All righty then! I took a bit of a break from my Project 365 scrapbooking, but I’m determined to get back at it and catch up again. I’ve been taking photos all along — I just haven’t been printing them and putting them in my book. I had a bit of free time this weekend though, so I printed most of the photos I have and now I’m in the process of putting them in my album and writing a bit about each of them. Shall we venture back in time?

Project 365 Week 15

Week 15 was spring break. Augie’s preschool syncs their schedule with Wyatt’s school district so both boys were home with me. I didn’t get very much work done that week, but we did have a good time. We kicked this week off with Easter. I had a lot of nice photos from the day and I probably could have done an additional layout insert with some of them, but I decided to focus on getting caught up on the basics so I chose a photo of the kids’ Easter baskets. Monday we went to the beach but the water was too rough for wading so the boys built a damn in a little stream instead. Tuesday Augie dropped his cereal bowl on his foot and hurt it pretty badly. I think this was the first time he really understood that it is possible for him to bleed and it freaked him out. Five weeks later, he still talks about this injury almost every day and how “blood comed out of his body.” Poor buddy.

Project 365 Week 16

On Wednesday, we went to the nearby Lindsay Wildlife Museum. The museum’s focus is on birds and a highlight for me was seeing this golden eagle up close. The highlight for Wyatt was visiting the gift shop and Augie most enjoyed riding the elevator to the basement. Sigh. Thursday was another really fun day that probably warrants its own separate page. We went over to San Francisco for the afternoon, had lunch with Zach, visited the Children’s Creativity Museum (where we made images like this one), played on a great playground and ran around in Yerba Buena Gardens. Thursday was an “at home” day, but I did take the boys out to lunch at our neighborhood hamburger joint which put them in moods good enough for them to treat each other very nicely. And Saturday we ate pizza and garlic bread and drank PBR’s at a nearby pizza place. Er…the kids didn’t drink the beers — just me and Zach.

More soon!

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