Honoring All Moms with Help a Mother Out

by Wendy Copley on May 14, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day! I know I’m a day late, but I wanted to take a moment to celebrate all of the moms out there — and all of you who have a mom or know a mom  or love a mom.

I had a lovely day celebrating with my family yesterday. I got to sleep in a bit and then the kids gave me their beautiful home made cards. Zach also surprised me with a crazy unicorn t-shirt and a couple boxes of my favorite, hard-to-find English candy and then we spent the afternoon picking cherries at a nearby U-Pick farm. It was fantastic and I felt very grateful for my kids, my husband and the comfortable life we enjoy.

Even while I was enjoying my day, I kept thinking about moms who are not as fortunate as I am. Last weekend I was thrilled to host a table at the 2nd Annual Help a Mother Out Benefit Tea. As part of my responsibilities as a table host I invited people to the tea, decorated a table (more on that tomorrow) and helped the event run just a bit more smoothly. In return, I got to learn more about the valuable work Help a Mother Out performs every day. I’m already quite familiar with a lot of what they do distributing disposable and cloth diapers to parents who need a hand up, but I was really touched to hear so many first hand accounts from mothers who have benefited by receiving diapers from HAMO. Diapers can make a real difference in someone’s life, allowing them to enroll their children in day care so they can attend school or work to pull themselves out of a less than ideal situation.

This video telling three of those stories was played at the tea and I encourage you to take a few minutes to watch it:

If you are interested in supporting this organization, please consider making a donation. Even $10 can make a big difference in the life of a baby and his mama. You can learn more about HAMO’s Mother’s Day fundraising drive here: https://www.razoo.com/story/Moms2012


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