The Week in Bentos: May 7-11, 2012

by Wendy Copley on May 11, 2012

This was a busy week in Wendolonia land. My husband and I had an unusually high work load so we had lots of early mornings and late nights trying to take care of business. Still, lunch must go on so here is what I packed for the boys:


Monday was pizza day at school, so Wyatt had hot lunch.


Preschool Bento #266

No, this is not Wyatt’s lunch — it’s Augie’s!! When I asked him which cookie cutter he wanted me to use on his sandwich, he chose the “W” cutter. I asked him if he was sure he didn’t want his own initial and he insisted on the W, so he ended up with a peanut butter and jelly W sandwich. Hee!

The rest of his lunch had grape tomatoes, carrots, strawberries and goldfish crackers. It was packed in a lunch box with the same shape as this cute pig bento box.

Second Grader Bento #593

Wyatt’s lunch was packed into the Easy Lunchbox. He had strips of garlic naan, a leftover hoisin chicken leg, carrots, bacon cheddar ranch dip from Trader Joes for dipping, and strawberries. I wrapped the chicken leg in a little foil to keep the mess from the sauce at a minimum and I also included a wet paper towel in his lunch bag so he could clean up more easily if his fingers got too messy.


Preschool Bento #267

On Wednesday, Augie had strawberries, meatballs from the freezer, garlic naan circles, cheese sandwich crackers and raisins.

Second Grader Bento #594

Wyatt’s lunch was very similar: garlic naan, strawberries, grape tomatoes, wheat thins and turkey meatballs.

strawberry huller

Speaking of strawberries, I want to show you my new gadget! If you’ve been reading these lunch posts for awhile, you may have noticed that we eat a lot of strawberries. I am a big fan of strawberries because they are delicious, super nutritious and my kids always eat them. I splurge and buy them when they’re not in season (though not in the dead of winter because they’re never good then)  and I buy them in half flats from the farmer’s market all summer long. Until now I’ve hulled every berry with a knife which is a pain in the butt. When I started thinking about making the first batch of strawberry jam for the year, I decided it was time to buy myself a strawberry huller.


The one I got is from Chef’n and it works so well that even Augie can use it. A++! Highly recommended!


Preschool Bento #268

Yesterday, Augie had leftover cubes of steak from dinner, pineapple, crackers and apple chunks. I dipped the apples in some of the pineapple juice to keep them from browning which is one of my favorite tricks.

Second Grader Bento #595

Wyatt had the same lunch as Augie, but I swapped garlic naan strips in for the crackers.


Preschooler Bento #269

Today, Augie had cheesy sandwich crackers, teeny little carrots, a nitrate and nitrite free turkey hot dog that I sliced and put on plastic picks and perfectly hulled berries.

Big Kid Bento #596

Again, Wyatt had the same thing with naan swapped in for the crackers. This was packed in our Laptop Lunch box.

teeny little carrots

The carrots are a new product I’m trying and the kids seem to like them a lot. I saw these petite carrots at the grocery store the other day and picked them up to put into a stir fry. They are about half the diameter of regular “baby” carrots. Wyatt has been eating carrots lately (they used to be on the most-hated list), but they are still on the edge of his comfort zone so I thought these might be fun for him. I don’t personally love to eat giant raw carrots because I think they’re unpleasant to chew and these little guys remove all of those issues. They might be worth trying on your kids (or yourself) if you see them in the store.

Disclosure: I bought my strawberry huller and carrots. I didn’t get any kind of money or swag or anything to promote them — I just like them and wanted to share.

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