The Week in Bentos: April 16-20, 2012

by Wendy Copley on April 20, 2012

The kids are back to school so we are back to a normal lunch-packing regimine. Before we get into this week’s lunches though, I wanted to share one from last week:

Family Bento #54

This was a hearty snack I took to the beach for the boys and I while we were on spring break. I packed it in our OOTS Lunchbox and it was designed to be shared by all of us. The most exciting parts are the slices of lemon bundt cake leftover from Easter lunch. The boys couldn’t wait to get their hands on those, but I forced them to eat the healthy stuff first. Heh. That healthy stuff included: bunny crackers, leftover Easter eggs (Wyatt didn’t want one so there are only two), ranch dip and carrot and bell pepper slices.


Second Grader Bento #579

On Monday, Wyatt had garlic naan, a brownie, grapes, carrots and a roast beef “rose” that came out looking kind of gross and horrifying. Oh well — he ate it happily. This was packed in our Laptop Lunch box.


Preschool Bento #254

On Tuesday, Augie had blackberries, carrots, turkey meatballs, bunny crackers and a star-shaped cookie. He also had a small container of black bean dip for the carrots, but I forgot to put it in the lunch box before taking the photo.

Second Grader Bento #580

Wyatt’s lunch was very similar, but he had Boba Fett roast beef sandwiches in place of the meatballs.


Preschool Bento #255

This is what I packed for Augie on Wednesday: leftover chunks of pork chop, carrots, snap peas, goldfish crackers and garlic naan cut into the shape of a gingerbread man with a cookie cutter.

Second Grader Bento #581

Wyatt’s lunch was packed in the Easy Lunchbox: carrots and bean dip, a clementine, pork (it looks like a ton, but it’s only about two ounces) and garlic naan.


Preschool Bento #256

On Thursday Augie had blackberries, a strawberry, goldfish, naan and turkey slices.

Second Grader Bento #582

Wyatt had naan, strawberries, blackberries, tortilla chips and leftover carne asada from dinner. Augie liked the beef too, but there was only enough left for one of the kids and Wyatt looooves it so he got it in his lunch.


Preschool Bento #257

On Friday, Augie was the winner of the leftovers jackpot. He got the rest of the teriyaki chicken we brought home from dinner at a Japanese restaurant and some of the rice too. The brown on it is some of the teriyaki sauce. He also had wheat thins and berries.

Second Grade Bento #583

I left my phone in the office last night so my alarm didn’t wake me up this morning and we were running late. When this happens, I find it’s often easier to have Wyatt buy lunch at school. For the last two years he’s been really pro-school lunch but today he begged me — begged me — to please make his lunch because he couldn’t bear the thought of eating in the cafeteria. Veeeeeery interesting! I’ve noticed he’s becoming more choosy about which days he has school lunch over the past couple months and today he explained that he only likes the pizza they serve and one kind of hamburger. How could I resist that argument. I quickly threw together this lunch of carrot sticks, ham sandwich, white cheddar popcorn and berries to save him from the lunch line.

Wouldn’t Jamie Oliver be proud?

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