The Week in Bentos: April 2-6, 2012

by Wendy Copley on April 6, 2012

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Here are the lunches I packed for my boys this week:


School lunch/no preschool day so I’ve got nada to show.



Tuesday, Augie got a car and Easter themed lunch. (I don’t know how they work together — I was just throwing cute things in the lunch box!) He had a car shaped hard boiled egg (made with this mold), some golden raisins that I put into a plastic Easter egg and sealed with a sticker, strawberries and some taco meat and black beans leftover from Monday night’s dinner. I also packed a side car with some tortilla chips to scoop up the meat but I forgot to photograph them.


Wyatt had chips and taco meat too, plus I sprinkled a little cheese on his. He also had goldfish crackers, an egg with raisins in it and strawberries. This was packed in our Laptop Lunch box.



Augie’s lunch was a stack of Wheat Thins, a deli ham rose, a few carrots, baby tomatoes and grapes.


This was what was left in his lunch box when I opened it after school. Usually, everything is gone from his lunch at the end of the day, but lately he’s been leaving a few things.


Wyatt had grapes, Wheat Thins, aged gouda cheese, a roast beef and mayo sandwich on a whole wheat hot dog bun, a mandarin orange, carrots and some spicy black bean dip (in the blue container). I used our Easy Lunchbox for this lunch.


Here’s what was left after school. It was all still icy cold because I’ve started doubling up his ice packs so he ate most of what was left while he did his homework.



Thursday, Augie had carrot sticks, tofu cut to look like a mustachioed bunny and a penguin, grapes, home made naan, a mandarin orange and bean dip for the carrots. I feel like we took a bit of a trip around the world with this lunch since Japan, India and Mexico are all represented.


Wyatt had exactly the same items, just configured differently.



Today Augie had another vaguely Easter-ish lunch: grapes, mandarin orange, sort of egg-shaped pb&j sandwiches and cheddar bunnies, both in a plastic egg and out of it.


Wyatt had grapes, carrots and bean dip, a roast beef sandwich and pretzel sticks.

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