My Kids Ate It: Dijon Fish Cakes

by Wendy Copley on April 5, 2012

Fish cakes!

If you told me on Monday that my children would willingly eat fish cakes for dinner, I would have called you a liar. Liar, liar pants on fire! Then I would have sneered and questioned your ability to hang onto telephone wires.

But here we are on Thursday morning and I am here to tell you that Wyatt and Augie like fish cakes. My mind boggles.

My children don’t have a stunning history when it comes to eating fish. Wyatt has never been a big fan and while Augie loved fish as a toddler, he hasn’t been too into it lately. My husband has fond memories of eating fish sticks as a child though, so he has started buying a box now and then in hopes that the boys will share his passion. Lately they’ve been enjoying them and I think that’s what paved the way for them to eat the fish cakes we had for dinner the other night.  Zach and I really like fish and we’re trying to get in the habit of eating it more often so despite the children’s fishy reluctance I’ve been on the look-out for interesting fish recipes.

Fish cakes!

Last week I came across this Real Simple recipe for Dijon fish cakes on Pinterest and I thought it looked like a winner. I love crab cakes, but rarely buy it because of the cost, so I thought this might give us something similar for a lot less money. I followed the recipe very closely. I swapped out cod for the tilapia (it didn’t look nice at the store) and I used grainy mustard instead of the Dijon mustard. The cod was fine, but I was sorry about the mustard swap because we all thought these needed a little more of a kick. Otherwise they were great. Wyatt picked up his fork, immediately ate his fish cake, then asked for another. I was flabbergasted, but kept my surprise mostly in check. Augie was a little more reluctant, but after I fed him a few bites he finished one off on his own. (I don’t usually hand-feed my three year old, but sometimes it can help get the ball rolling.) Zach really liked the crust on the cakes, so we all decided we should have them again soon.

For side dishes I served broccoli (the peppers in the photo were what I ate with the leftovers) and Israeli couscous cooked in chicken stock. We have been eating a lot of this bigger, chewier couscous lately. We all like it better than the little kind and Augie is especially nutty for it.

How about you? Do your kids eat fish? How do they like it prepared? I’d love it if you linked up to any recipes in the comments!

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