Project 365 2012: Week 11

by Wendy Copley on March 21, 2012

Project 365 Week 11

Augie and I are both sick right now, so we had a quiet day sitting on the couch together. I scrapbooked last week’s Project 365 stuff, he watched Phineas and Ferb on Netflix. Win-win! (Except for the feeling crappy part, of course.)

Project 365 Week 11

I did a pretty bad job taking photos every day last week, but somehow I still managed to fill all my little photo pockets. I had nothing at all for Sunday, so I just started with Monday. Wyatt was home sick from school and it was Augie’s regular day off preschool so it felt a lot like an extra weekend day in some respects. Practically the first thing I did in the morning was break my glasses in half while I was cleaning them. Oh no! I managed to get an emergency appointment with my eye doctor and walked over to her office for an eye exam. On the way back I was surprised to see a big honkin’ turkey standing in the middle of the sidewalk. As I approached she casually walked out into the middle of the very busy street, stopping traffic and causing all the people around to give each other “what the heck??” looks. Tuesday, the rain started and it didn’t stop at all (literally) for the next three and a half days. Friday, I included a photo I took when the boys and I were painting.

Project 365 Week 11

Friday continues on the next page. We had dinner out that night and on our way back to the car we passed a shop with crazy sunglasses out front so we stopped for a bit to try them on and giggle. Saturday we were super lazy all day and just hung around the house (that’s when I started feeling sick). The most notable things that happened were that I got a package with a ridiculous amount of craft supplies in it and I started playing Draw Something. (My user name is “wendolonia” if you want to play with me and see fabulous drawings like the one above.) Saturday was St. Patrick’s day, so I included photos of our corned beef cooking and of the boys dancing to Irish punk songs in our living room.

What did you week look like?

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