Project 365 2012: Week 8 (for real this time)

by Wendy Copley on March 13, 2012

Project 365 Week 8

Oops! Yesterday I posted photos of one of my Project 365 spreads and I claimed that it was week 8. But I was a total liar — it was actually week 9. Internet, can you ever trust me again? Maybe with time….

Here are my actual week 8 pages:

Project 365 Week 8

Sunday we went to a family birthday party. Monday was President’s Day and Zach and Wyatt were off work/school, so we headed out on a mini road trip to Sutter’s Mill. The museum and the place where you can pan for gold were closed for the holiday but we still had fun running around and throwing rocks in the river. Wyatt was off school for the week, so Tuesday we went to lunch at the fancy restaurant where his Uncle Charlie cooks. I was proud of him for being on super polite behavior and for trying every single thing that was put in front of him — even collard greens! I didn’t take any pictures on Wednesday so I downloaded a picture of our new neighborhood pool where we went swimming for the first time.

Project 365 Week 8

Thursday I had a meeting about the upcoming Help a Mother Out fundraising tea. Once more I forgot to take any pictures, so I included a postcard that I got in my meeting materials. Thursday’s photo is of the boys watching the construction on our street. Friday, I included a picture of Zach out our neighborhood Vietnamese restaurant. And Saturday wraps up with the usual — a picture of a belly dancer balancing a sword on her head. Nobody can say I live a boring life!

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