Project 365 2012: Week 9

by Wendy Copley on March 12, 2012

Project 365 Week 8

Wyatt was sick all weekend so we spent most of Saturday and Sunday hanging around the house in our jammies. I grabbed my chance on these lazy days to catch up on my Project 365 album. I also got crazy and used one of the alternate types of page protectors so I could use a few more vertical photos. Woooo!

Project 365 Week 8

This page started off with a photo of Wyatt and a friend at a birthday party on Sunday, along with a photo of my beloved Girl Scout cookies. Yum! I also put in photos of Augie striking a cute senior portrait pose and one of me riding my bike.

Project 365 Week 8

The next page has a picture of rain on the windshield of my car to represent the crappy, crappy morning I had on Wednesday, Augie dressed as a pirate (kind of an unintentional pirate theme this week), and a photo I took of myself wearing my favorite scarf that I made last year. The Saturday photo involves something big that’s going on our house right now but that I’m not interested in sharing with the whole world so I blocked it out. No, it’s not bad. No, I’m not pregnant!

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