The Week in Bentos: March 5-9, 2012

by Wendy Copley on March 9, 2012

Another week, another batch of bento lunches for the boys!

This morning I was excited to notice that the Bento Box Gallery has over 1000 photos in it now! WOW! I guess I’ve been doing this awhile. If you haven’t visited before — or if it’s been awhile — it might be worth a few minutes of your time to head over and check it out. On the right side of the page, you’ll notice a tag cloud that allows you to search the gallery. Just click on a tag such as “preschool“, “cookie cutter“, “nut-free” or “peaches” to narrow the number of boxes presented to you based on age, technique, dietary restrictions or type of food. You can also get a good overview about how the gallery works by reading the introduction to the gallery I posted last summer.

But for now, here are this week’s lunches:


Second Grade Bento #563

Monday, Wyatt had white cheddar popcorn, deli turkey, strawberries, Laughing Cow cheese and some crackers. This was packed in our Laptop Lunch box.


Preschool Bento #238

When Augie and I went grocery shopping Monday, Trader Joe’s was handing out samples of baked beans with hot dogs mixed in. We call these “beanie weenies”. Does everyone call them that, or is it just my family? My husband had never heard the name before. Anyway, Augie went cuckoo for them so I bought some of the beans and a package of hotdogs (Note to Trader Joes: samples work!) and I heated them up and put them in our Thermos food jar for Augie’s main lunch item on Tuesday. I also packed a little side car with strawberries, carrot sticks and whole wheat pretzels.

Second Grade Bento #564

Wyatt is far less enthused about beanie weenies, so he had a more traditional lunch packed in an Easy Lunchbox: pretzels, Millennium Falcon and Death Star sandwiches filled with turkey and Laughing Cow cheese, strawberries, a few gummy bears (in the yellow box), Scrabble Cheez-its, carrot sticks and some salad dressing for dipping (in the green box).

The carrot sticks…I can’t even believe it. Wyatt has professed his undying hatred for carrots for months now. Months and months of vitriol. Then on Monday I had a bag of carrots laying on the counter while I prepped dinner and he and Augie just walked up and started chowing down on them. I didn’t say anything, but my mind was boggling because they ate half the bag! Sheesh…kids!


Preschool Bento #239

Wednesday, Augie got the other half of the can of baked beans and some hot dogs in the Thermos, plus a side car with grapes and pretzels.

Second Grade Bento #565

Wyatt had carrots, Laughing Cow, Cheez-its, leftover pork tenderloin, grapes and some garlic-cheese croutons.


Preschool Bento #240

We were out of beans on Thursday, much to Augie’s disappointment so he had to settle for a more typical lunch: strawberries, a PB&J sandwich cut into an “A” shape (“that’s my letter, Mama!”), yellow bell pepper strips, raisins, carrots and goldfish crackers. This was packed in our Lucky Cat bento box which is currently out of stock, but very similar to this panda bento box.


Preschool Bento #241

Today, Augie’s lunch box held naan stars, a clementine flower, leftover chicken from dinner, and cantaloup chunks.

Second Grade Bento #566

Wyatt had exactly the same thing in a different configuration!

In other news, next week is Wendolonia’s 5th anniversary! Woo hoo! Stay tuned for some fun celebratory giveaways.

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