The Week in Bentos: February 20-24, 2012

by Wendy Copley on February 27, 2012

I’m late with last week’s bento post because I got hacked! HACKED! My husband attacked my site with a fury and we’re pretty sure all remnants of the bad guys have been purged at this point, but if you happen upon any references to Viagra or pharmacies that seem like they don’t belong here (and really, why would they), could you please let me know? Danke!

Moving right along to the lunches, Wyatt was on winter break #2 last week so I only have one big kid lunch box this week. The rest is all prescool.


Preschool Bento #230

Tuesday, Augie’s lunch was packed in our Lucky Cat lunch box (currently unavailable, but similar to this panda bento box): turkey meatballs from the freezer, Cheez-its, strawberries and peas.


Preschool Bento #231

On Tuesday, his lunch had strawberries, grapes, yellow tomatoes and tofu cut and decorated like giraffes. This was packed in our little bird bento box.


Preschool Bento #232

Thursday he had Cheez-its, grapes, deli turkey and a half a hot dog bun.

Big Kid Bento #558

Wyatt went to preschool with Augie because I had a meeting in San Francisco so I made a lunch for him too. He had Laughing Cow cheese, apple chunks, a half a hot dog bun, leftover beef from dinner the night before, Cheez-its and grapes. This was packed into the Laptop Lunch Box.

The preschool gives the kids as much time as they want to eat (they actually require that they sit at the table for about 15 minutes) and I found it interesting that Wyatt came home with an empty lunchbox this day. Normally, with his super-short lunch breaks he only manages to eat about half his lunch.


Preschool Bento #233

Friday’s lunch for Augie was: strawberries, grapes, sliced deli ham that arranged into a rose shape and some cheese and garlic croutons.

I don’t know about your kids, but my boys absolutely love croutons. I actually bought this package because Augie spotted them in the store and asked if I would buy them for a “special treat”. Heh. I had been planning to save them to entice him to eat some salad but kept forgetting about them, so when he asked if I’d put them in his lunch this morning I thought it was as good a time as any to break them out.

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