Two Weeks in Bentos: February 6-17, 2012

by Wendy Copley on February 17, 2012

I have a huge, long bento post for you today that spans two weeks. I missed last week’s update because I was slammed with a big project deadline so you’re going to get a bunch of photos today. Woo hoo!


Second Grade Bento #552

Last Monday, Wyatt had a couple Laughing Cow cheese wedges, a salami “rose”, goldfish crackers, blueberries and blackberries, a whole wheat hot dog bun and a little tub of strawberry jam. I had to cut the bun to fit  but it all worked out. This lunch was packed in our Laptop Lunch Box.


Preschool Bento #222

On Tuesday, Augie had blueberries, a mini blueberry muffin, a few grapes to fill the gap, carrots, and garlic naan cut into circles.

Second Grade Bento #553

Wyatt had two blueberry muffins, grapes, turkey sandwiches with garlic naan for bread, blueberries and mini cheese sandwich crackers. This was packed in the Easy Lunchbox.


Preschool Bento #223

On Wednesday, I packed freezer meatballs, cheese sandwich crackers, peas, grapes and yellow bell pepper slices. Though Augie usually eats all of his lunch, most of this came back home with him. I guess he just wasn’t hungry.

Second Grade Bento #554

Wyatt had a rice ball (made with a mold similar to this one), leftover curried chicken from dinner the night before, oyster crackers, grapes and a piece of flatbread that I toasted, spread with a smidge of butter, sprinkled with garlic salt and cut into wedges.


Preschool Bento #224

On Thursday, I totally, completely, 100% forgot to make Augie’s lunch until we had our shoes and coats on and were heading out the door to preschool. I only remembered when I went to the fridge to grab his lunchbox and it wasn’t there. I threw this kind of skimpy lunch together in about 3 minutes flat: carrot sticks, cheese crackers, cucumber slices (thankfully pre-sliced and in the fridge) and deli turkey that I ripped up with my hands in attempt to keep him from shoving huge slices in his mouth when he sat down to eat his lunch.

Wyatt chose to have school lunch this day because they were serving pizza, but it turned out to be bbq chicken pizza which he pronounced to be “the most disgusting thing ever.”


Preschool Bento #225

On Friday, I was on my game, so I spent a little extra time on the kids’ lunches. Augie had peas (still frozen in this picture but they thaw by lunch time), baked tofu that I cut with the Batman cutter, grapes and clementine slices.

Second Grade Bento #555

Wyatt had tortilla chips, tofu cut with the same cutter, clementines, Chex cereal and grapes. The big blue cup was a purchase from my recent trip to Daiso. If you missed my running commentary on Facebook, you might want to head over to check it out because I posted several pictures. (And if your not already a fan of my page, you may want to hit the “like” button while you’re there.)

And now on to this week’s lunches!


This week Wyatt chose Monday for his school lunch day because the cafeteria was serving cheese pizza. He reported that it was “totally delicious” but I have my doubts.


Tuesday, I packed special Valentine’s day lunches for the kids which I posted about earlier in the week. You should go check them out if you haven’t seen them because they’re my favorite lunches I’ve packed in a while.


Preschooler Bento #227

Wednesday morning I wasn’t feeling well so my husband got up with the kids. To make things go more smoothly I had Wyatt buy lunch at school again. I was feeling better by the time we needed to make Augie’s lunch so I put this bento together for him: leftover bread with roasted garlic baked in, a ham rose, peas and a few leftover berries that I found in various containers.


Preschooler Bento #228

Augie’s lunch on Thursday had ham roll-ups, corn, purple grapes, raisins, green grapes, and Cars-themed Cheez-its.

Big Kid Bento #557

Wyatt had ham sandwiches cut with the Star Wars cookie cutters, apple chunks, Cheez-its and grapes. The faces didn’t come out very well on the sandwiches this time so if you can’t tell, that’s Boba Fett and Darth Vader.


Preschooler Bento #229

Today we were basically out of food because I haven’t shopped all week. I had to scramble to find enough to fill Augie’s lunch box, and by the time I was finished, I didn’t have anything left for Wyatt’s lunch. Yikes! So he had school lunch again. Augie had pb&j sandwiches cut into hedgehog shapes, the last of the Cheez-its and the last of two packages of raisins.

And now, I better go shopping so we have something to eat for dinner! Have a great weekend!

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