The Week in Bentos: December 5-9, 2011

by Wendy Copley on December 9, 2011

This was kind of a blah week for lunches, quite honestly. I spent a ton of time each morning nagging and supervising bickering kids so I didn’t have a ton of time leftover for creative lunch-making. I did manage to muster a Santa toothpick late in the week though. That counts, right?


Monday the cupboards were bare so Wyatt ate school lunch.


Preschool Bento #191

On Tuesday, Augie hand selected our Panda bento box and asked me to use it for his lunch. I was thrilled to accommodate him! He had tofu chunks, grape tomatoes, goldfish crackers, peanut butter and strawberry jam on a mini hamburger bun and clementine wedges.

2nd Grade Bento #520

Wyatt had a small brownie, tofu, goldfish and Cheez-its, clementines, raisins and a mini hamburger bun with jam. This was packed in our Laptop Lunch Box.


Preschool Bento #192

On Wednesday, Augie had grapes, clementines, deli turkey and Cheez-its.

2nd Grade Bento #521

Wyatt also had grapes, Cheez-its, the ever-present clementine wedges, salami and a mini hamburger bun.


Preschool Bento #193

Thursday’s lunches were nearly identical to Wednesdays. I swapped raisins in for the clementine in Augie’s lunch.

2nd Grade Bento #522

And I put turkey in instead of salami for Wyatt. (I even put everything in the same places in his lunch box!)


Preschool Bento #194

Augie got a fresh lunch on Friday though: turkey meatballs, corn, clementines, whole wheat crackers and mango chunks.

When I asked Augie at breakfast if he’d like some mango he insisted he’d never had it before (which is not true) and that mango is yucky. I told him he’d had it before and liked it a lot, but he didn’t believe me so I gave him a little piece to try. After he ate it, he looked at me with wide eyes and said, “Mama, I LOVE mango! Why yous never give me mango before dis??” Heh.

Big Kid Bento #523

Wyatt’s lunch was hella boring and repetitive again: clementines, hamburger bun with jam, Cheez-its, and grapes with a Santa pick stuck in them. The Santa is courtesy of my girl Melissa at Another Lunch who sent me some last December when I couldn’t find Santa picks anywhere. Thanks, lady!

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