The Week in Bentos: October 31 – November 4, 2011

by Wendy Copley on November 4, 2011

One last Halloween bento this week and then things get back to normal around here!


2nd Grader Bento #505

I made Wyatt a final, obligatory Halloween lunch on Monday. It’s pretty to some of the ones I’ve already made this month: turkey sandwich cut with jack-o-lantern cutters, a couple clementines decorated with food-safe markers (the faces match the ones we carved on our real life pumpkins this year), peaches with chocolate sprinkles and pretzel thins. This was packed into the Easy Lunchbox.


Preschool Bento #173

On Tuesday, Augie had clementines, strawberries, pretzel thins and a ham “rose”. Can I tell you how happy I am that clementines are back in the markets again? I’m very happy!

2nd Grader Bento #506

Wyatt had strawberries, pretzel thins, deli ham strips rolled up into tubes and a half a whole wheat hot dog bun with homemade apple butter. This lunch was packed in the Laptop Lunch Box.


Preschool Bento #174

Augie’s lunch on Wednesday held more clementines, whole grain crackers, grapes and a peanut butter and apple butter sandwich that I cut into the shape of a little dude.

2nd Grader Bento #507

Wyatt had a very similar lunch: grapes, apple butter sandwiches cut into W’s, pretzel thins and clementine wedges.


Preschool Bento #175

On Thursday, Augie had meatball chunks, clementines, a half a banana and garlic naan cut into the shape of cars.

2nd Grader Bento #508

Wyatt had strips of garlic naan, meatballs skewered with a robot and a spaceship, clementines and strawberries. The picks are from this Meri Meri cupcake kit.


Preschooler Bento #176

I overslept today, so I followed my own advice and kept Augie’s lunch simple: graham crackers, tofu with a little dude cut-out laid on top and strawberries. I used to cut shapes out of tofu and lay them on top of the block all the time when Wyatt was in preschool, but I’ve gotten out of the habit. I was reminded of this technique (if you can call something so simple a “technique”) when I was looking through old bento photos in the Bento Box Gallery. I find myself looking through the gallery every few weeks now because it’s interesting to see how my lunch packing habits have changed over the years and also to get some fresh ideas.

Have you taken some time to look through the Bento Box Gallery? How do you use it? I’m always looking for ideas on how it can be improved and expanded, so I’d love it if you shared any thoughts with me.

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