My iPhone is Swanky Now

by Wendy Copley on September 21, 2011

iPhone revamp!

When my friend Whitney clued me in to this amazingly easy iPhone revamp on Pinterest yesterday, I immediately dropped what I was doing and copied it shamelessly. (That sounds dramatic, but I was just wasting  time on Pinterest so technically it wasn’t that big of a deal.) The tutorial by Erika of Oops! I Craft My Pants is pretty straightforward: pop open a clear iPhone case, cut adorable scrapbook paper to fit inside, slip adorable scrapbook paper behind iPhone, close case. Voila! Swanky iPhone!

Since I have a clear phone case and a boatload of scrapbook paper, I was able to crank out five paper inserts in about ten minutes.

iPhone revamp!

Totally adorable! And now I can swap out the decorative papers to suit my mood whenever I feel like it!

Have you found a cool idea on Pinterest and copied it?

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