The Week in Bentos: Sometime in March – April Something or Other, 2011

by Wendy Copley on April 8, 2011

Phwew! I’ve had quite a time the past few weeks! Pneumonia really knocked the crap out of me and I’m still not all the way back to my old self. Mornings have been particularly rough and I’ve not been up to something as simple as getting a lunch together so Wyatt has been eating a lot of school lunches. This week is the first time I’ve felt even close to normal, so I’ve managed to put a few lunches together, but I lost steam at the end of the week. Add in that the kids have been home sick from school a bunch too and lunches have been really spotty the past three weeks. As such, I’m just going to throw all of the bento photos I have up on this page with no regard to dates.

Wooo! I’m really cutting loose!

First Grade Bento #431

I’m about 90% sure that this was a lunch for Wyatt, but I wouldn’t swear to it: baked teriyaki tofu, a mandarin orange and a slice of banana bread. This was packed in a police car bento box.

First Grader Snack #150

A smaller snack-sized bento box filled with Cheerios and some grapes.

Toddler Bento #99

This lunch was for Augie, my 2-year-old: grapes, banana bread, chunks of turkey meatballs, and frozen soycatash. (His day care provider heats it for him at lunch time.)

Augie's Lunch

We don’t have the option of buying a lunch for Augie on day care days, of course, so Daddy packed this lunch for Augie on one of the days I was completely out of it. He sent a whole bunch of frozen peas, strawberries, baked tofu, and a slice of homemade bread that my father-in-law brought us.

First Grade Bento #432

This was Wyatt’s lunch on Monday: leftover spaghetti in the thermos, grapes and an English muffin with a little butter and garlic.

First Grade Bento #433

Wyatt’s lunch on Tuesday was a chunk of baguette, strawberry jam (in the blue tub), strawberries, grapes and turkey meatballs.

Toddler Bento #100

Augie’s lunch also had meatballs, along with some corn and bunch of watermelon which is his new favorite fruit.

First Grade Bento #434

On Wednesday, Wyatt’s lunch was packed in the Easy Lunchbox: Scrabble Cheez-its tucked under a granola bar, Yoda-shaped ham sandwiches, strawberries and a bit of apple.

Toddler Bento #101

Augie had more watermelon, grape tomatoes, rice and leftover chicken tikka masala with peas from dinner the night before. The sauce on the chicken was too spicy for Augie’s taste, so I rinsed it off before putting it in his lunch box.

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