March 2011 Goals Update

by Wendy Copley on April 6, 2011

I’m still here, slowly but surely plugging away at my goals for the year. This month I didn’t cross as many activities off my list as I would have liked, but I did make some progress on some of the bigger goals. If you consider that I had pneumonia the last week of the month I think I did pretty well.

Goals Completed:

#34 Go on more than one date with Zach.

We had another lunch date last month, so this goal is completed! Let’s hear it for setting the bar low! Woooo! Now I’m going to shoot for a date at night. Can we do it?  We shall see.

Goals In Progress:

#2 Do 12 craft projects

I managed to complete two craft projects this month! The first project was making this magnetic container made from a tea tin (I got the idea from Martha). I basically just stuck some magnets to the back and then wrapped the whole thing with some pretty paper.

Tea Tin Magnet

Unfortunately, when I fill the tin full of pens, pencils and scissors the magnets aren’t strong enough to hold the tin up and it sloooooowly slides down the side of the fridge. I think I need to take it apart and put about 20 more magnets on there to make it work.

I also made pajama pants for the boys using Batman flannel for Wyatt and Toy Story flannel for Augie. They came out pretty well, but considering that I’ve been sewing for about 30 years I think the process should have gone much more smoothly. First off, I thought I bought enough fabric to make two pairs of pants for each kids. Wrong! I maybe could have squeezed a second pair out of the fabric I used for Augie’s pants, but I barely had enough fabric to make even one pair for Wyatt. Also, if you look closely at Augie’s pants, you’ll notice that I cut the fabric incorrectly and Woody and Buzz are upside down! Duh. And then, after I spent two afternoons making these pants with love and my own two hands the boys referred to them as “stupid” & “yucky”.


Wyatt quickly recanted when he saw that my feelings were hurt and he has since decided they are his favorite pajama pants and Augie had skipped his nap, so I forgive them both, but man — that smarts!

Home made jammies

Look at those boys! They look pretty cute in their jammies if you ask me!

#5 Finish 2010 Project 365 Album

Project 365 Production Line

I got lots of work done on this project. I am using a kit similar to this one to put this together (my version is no longer available). Basically, you just slide photos into individual pockets and then you can slip little cards with the journaling into the smaller pockets. I had planned to hand write all the journaling, but when I thought seriously about what it would be like to hand write 365 individual cards, I decided it made a lot more sense to create a template in Photoshop and use that to print out the captions I wrote for this blog. It still involves quite a bit of tedious work, but I’ve been enjoying going back and looking at all the pictures I took last year. When I finish, I’m going to have something really fantastic for my family to enjoy!

#7 Make 40 scrapbook pages

I managed to get one more page done, but I really need to pick up the pace if I’m going to get 40 pages done this year!

#43 Read 12 books

I’m right on track with my 12 books for the year. This month’s book was The Lost Continent by Bill Bryson. I read and very much enjoyed one of Bryson’s other books, The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid a few years ago so I had high hopes for this book but I was really disappointed by it. The book is a memoir of a road trip that Bryson took around the U.S. after living in the U.K. for twenty years. His goal is to rediscover idyllic small town America but as he writes about his travels, he has nothing by bile and vitriol for all the people he meets and most of the things he sees. The pinnacle of this phenomenon for me was when he wrote two paragraphs about how much he hated a waitress in a diner who brought him delicious food and then kept refilling his water glass and asking if she could get him anything else. Two paragraphs about how much he hated his friendly, competent waitress! WTF?

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