February 2011 Goals Update

by Wendy Copley on March 3, 2011

We moved to a new house in the middle of this month, so the vast majority of my time was spent packing boxes, decluttering and then unpacking boxes and organizing our new house. As such, I managed to cross some of the biggest items for the year off my list! Yay me!

Goals Completed:

#22 Clear out the basement storage room and Freecycle like crazy.

We had a full-sized room in our old house that was only accessible via an outside door. Since we couldn’t really use it as living space, we used it for storage. In the five years we lived there, we managed to stuff a lot of things in there. One of my big goals with the move was to attack this space with a vengeance and not move anything that we didn’t absolutely, positively know that we’d be using in the next few years. Zach and I totally rocked this one. I’d guess that we moved less than a third of the stuff that was in this room to the new house! I posted items to Freecycle and/or donated things to Goodwill nearly every day while I was working on this room. Plus, I uncovered a bunch of treasures that had been stored in boxes for years.

#23 Clear the clutter from my bedroom.

We also did a great job on this room! Our bedroom in the new house isn’t completely set up yet — we need to find places for a few items and hang some art on the walls — but I’m so excited about how it’s coming along. I’ll post pictures when we’re through with it!

#24 Get rid of half the stuff in the office.

Ay carumba! The office was the other dumping place in our house. We sorted and purged in that room too and while I don’t think we actually got rid of half the stuff in there, I’d guess that about a quarter or a third of the items went on the chopping block. Unfortunately, this is where a bunch of the miscellaneous boxes have landed in the new house, but I’m resolved that they aren’t going to sit in there for months and months! They will be dealt with

#25 Organize my crafting.

I love a clean slate! In the process of setting up my desk in our new house, I took the opportunity to reorganize a bunch of my craft supplies in some new ways. Look for a post on this some time next week!

Goals In Progress:

#17 Spend less time online when the kids are home/awake

This is something I’ve been working on really hard in the past few weeks. I noticed that I was spending more time than I’m comfortable with staring at my laptop or iPhone instead of interacting with my kids and I just don’t feel like that’s the way I want to parent. I’m making a concerted effort to save my online times for when they are at school and day care or asleep. I’m not perfect about this and honestly I feel like I could do much better than I have been, but I’ve definitely improved in the last few weeks

#34 Go on more than one date with Zach.

I’ve decided that lunch dates count toward this goal, so Zach and I went out for lunch at a nice restaurant on the day after Valentine’s day. (We moved the day before Valentine’s and we didn’t have our act together enough to do anything on the actual day.)

#43 Read 12 books

I’m on schedule with this goal too! This month’s book was The Nasty Bits by Anthony Bourdain. I’ve loved Bourdain’s writing ever since I read Kitchen Confidential a decade ago and I really enjoyed this offering. This book is a loosely organized collection of essays and I found the format was ideal for me during this big move. I could read an essay here and there when I had rare little chunks of time to relax during the packing process and I didn’t have to think to hard to pick the narrative back up again if I went for days at a time without a chance to read.

How are your goals coming along? Have you completely bailed on your New Year’s resolutions yet?

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