Project 365 2010: Week 35

by Wendy Copley on October 28, 2010


August 27, 2010: Augie and I went for a walk around the block. Note his sweatshirt — just the day before the kids were splashing in the pool in the back yard. The weather here has been all over the map this fall.


August 28, 2010: Excuse me, Mom, but can this wait?  I’m trying to read this article about converting my tricycle to a remote controlled sippy cup fetcher.


August 29, 2010: Wyatt and his buddy have started taking all of his Imaginext toys out to our back patio to play when they have a play date. It keeps them well-occupied, but getting them to clean it all up can be tough.


August 30, 2010: Poor Augie! I don’t even know why he was crying here, but I thought I’d show photographic proof that my kids are not always happy.


August 31, 2010: Augie’s 2nd birthday! Yay! He spent the day at daycare and I ran around getting balloons and presents and whatnot in order for his party that night. We had a small party with just our immediate family over.


September 1, 2010: Augie takes one of his birthday presents out for a spin. Grandma and Grandpa sent him this totally cute little balance bike.


September 2, 2010: I ordered a small, lite, no whip frappacino, but what they gave me seemed to be large and it definitely had whip. Was it Opposite Day at Starbucks?

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