Project 365 2010: Week 28

by Wendy Copley on September 13, 2010


July 9, 2010: This was Wyatt’s last day of Pirate camp. The head counselor came in progressively scarier costumes every day until he was in this one for the last day.


July 10, 2010: Augie’s obsession with Wyatt’s scooter began some time this month. He loved to walk around with it and  try balancing on it and “scooter” (pronouced “shoo-nah”) was even his first two syllable word. Of course we ecouraged him to wear the helmet too — gotta start them young!


July 11, 2010: Wyatt and I went on a date to the library. I’d been reading him Calvin and Hobbes comics online and he’d been enjoying them immensely so we asked the librarian to help us dig up a big anthology. Afterward, we went to a nearby cafe where Wyatt got a big treat — a Mexican Coke with no corn syrup in it — while I read him comics. He laughed so hard that all the patrons with laptops gave us dirty looks and wished we’d be quiet.


July 12, 2010: Augie likes to hold the remote to the kitchen radio while he eats sometimes.


July 13, 2010: Wyatt and I went to a cafe together for our work morning before he went to camp in the afternoon. By 11 am he was so antsy that I let him sit on a bench just outside the window where I was sitting while I finished up my article.


July 14, 2010: Almost this entire day was spent playing catch-up on our laundry before the boys and I left for Iowa. I folded all of these clothes pictured here, plus I got all of the dirty cloths washed, dried and folded. In fact, I achieved the ultimate homemaker’s dream this day: Laundry Basket Zero! No clothes to be washed, no clothes to be folded and everything put away.


July 15, 2010: And we’re off! Wyatt, Augie and I headed off to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Iowa.  This photo was taken immediately after Wyatt ran away from me at O’Hare and I had to put him on time-out (“for the rest of your life!”) by this window.

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