Project 365 2010: Week 25

by Wendy Copley on July 8, 2010


June 18, 2010: Wyatt decided he wanted to “do science” when we were playing outside, so he got a magnifying glass and hunted for bugs. Here he investigates a particularly interesting specimen.


June 19, 2010: Augie just about always falls asleep in the car on the way back from dropping Wyatt off from camp and I’m lucky that he stays asleep when I move him from the car to his crib. On the days when he doesn’t drop right off to sleep, I’ve been known to take the long way home — through the Starbucks drive-thru — to encourage him to nod off.


June 20, 2010: Our local grocery store sponsored a kids coloring contest and Wyatt worked diligently on his entry. He was positive that he was going to win because of his superior coloring job. He’s not yet received a prize though, so I don’t think he won. I’m hoping it just kind of fades in his memory so he isn’t too disappointed.


June 21, 2010: Zach and the boys played a pre-bed game of catch in the disaster zone known as our living room. In addition to the many, many toys on the floor you might notice the 32 blankies Augie dragged into the living room. He really likes blankies.


June 22, 2010: Poor old Augie just can’t catch a break. He was sick with a cold (probably more than one) and a stomach bug for the first few weeks of June. Then just as he started feeling better he fell down and knocked his head. Then after that passed, he caught another stomach virus. We thought that one was on the way out when his fever suddenly came back. This was too much sick for me, so I called the doctor for a little reassurance and to make sure I shouldn’t be freaking out. He was not happy with what I told him, so had me bring Augie in for an emergency after hours appointment. It turns out my mom’s intuition was right because Augie was in the beginning stages of pneumonia! Poor buddy! Here he snuggles up with Daddy (and a blankie and his rhino) before bed.


June 23, 2010: So if you haven’t picked up on it yet, August is really, really into his blankies now. He doesn’t have any particular favorites — just about any blanket will do — but he does like the thicker, fuzzier ones a little more than the flannel ones. I normally won’t let him have them when he’s in his high chair, but pneumonia gets you special privileges in our house.


June 24, 2010: Wyatt’s beautiful Lego sculpture. This is the full scene that he built for his bento box photo styling project.

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