Project 365 2010: Week 24

by Wendy Copley on July 6, 2010


June 11, 2010: Schooooool’s out for summer! Schooooool’s out for-EVAH! OK, really it’s only out for the summer. Wyatt’s got quite a few years of school ahead of him, but for now let’s just concentrate on the wonder of a kid’s first real summer vacation. To kick things off, I took him to Baskin-Robbins for an ice cream cone while Augie was taking his nap (Zach was working at home, of course). We totally lucked out and bumped into Wyatt’s best buddy from preschool while we were there so the boys got to play while the moms caught up.


June 12, 2010: It was a scorcher on this day. 90 degrees, which is virtually unheard of for the area where we live. We felt a beach trip was in order which is apparently what everyone else in the Bay Area decided too, because it took us 3 hours to drive to the beach! Yowza! We had a lovely time though with Wyatt leaping through the waves and Augie digging in the sand. We finished up our afternoon with dinner at a seafood place and this lovely view.


June 13, 2010: I pulled a bunch of rubber stamps I don’t use out of my craft supplies with the idea that I’d sell them online. I dumped them onto the coffee table and Augie started playing with them. Unfortunately, there was a self-inking one in the pile and he started running it across the coffee table right after I took this photo. I grabbed it away from him and he launched into a major temper tantrum, arching his back and falling backwards on the floor. He conked his head on the floor and we braced ourselves for the piercing scream that usually follows, but instead our toddler’s whole body shuddered and then went limp. I was so scared I thought I was going to throw up. Zach and I both ran across the room to him and in the few seconds it took for us to get to him and scoop him up he was moving and responding again but we were unconvinced that everything was A-OK. Zach ran around the house getting the phone and calling the advice nurse while I talked to Augie, made sure he responded when I said his name, checked to make sure he could follow my finger, and all those other things they tell you to do when your kid cracks his head on the floor. The advice nurse was concerned enough by our description of what happened that she told us to bring Augie into the ER. So we gathered up the diaper bag, a blankie and one of Augie’s stuffed animals and Zach took him to the hospital while I stayed home with Wyatt. The ER doctor checked him out and told Zach that he was probably fine (Augie was acting completely normal by this time) but he told us we shouldn’t let him sleep for more than 2 hours at a time for 24 hours. Zach and I set the alarms on our phones and took turns getting up to completely wake Augie throughout the night. No one slept very well, but in the morning Augie was still acting normally so we were confident that he didn’t have a brain injury. Yay!


June 14, 2010: Chopping nuts for crisp topping. I mucked around with my go to recipe a bit and added these almonds in but it was a dismal failure. The crisp didn’t get crunchy when I baked it and the consistency was off. Oh well — live and learn.


June 15, 2010: Wyatt and I worked in a cafe in the morning — coloring books for him, flowcharts for me — then grabbed some burritos for lunch before I took him to summer camp.


June 16, 2010: Working on my laptop at the kitchen table. The flowers were a gift from a neighbor.


June 17, 2010: The boys cooked up this ingenious contraption that allowed Wyatt to pull Augie in the wagon while he pedaled the trike. Cool!

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