Project 365 2010: Week 20

by Wendy Copley on June 24, 2010


May 14, 2010: My Trader Joe’s shopping cart. Some of the stuff you can see in this photo: coffee, sparkling water, frozen waffles, eggs, frozen onigiri, peas, chicken tikka masala and most prominently, butter almond thins — the most addictive cookie in the world!


May 15, 2010: Augie has a little snack from lots of orange dishes.


May 16, 2010: The world’s skeeviest spider. This gigundo lady had been building a web on part of our back yard fence for a couple of weeks. It was a weird web — very densely woven with a couple of tube like areas that she liked to hide in. I’m not a an arachnaphobe by any stretch but she looked really bad ass and I was kind of scared to have the kids anywhere in her vicinity so I ended up wrecking her web in the hope that she would move on to another yard. I felt pretty guilty about it because I think having spiders around is a good thing, but I knew if my husband found her he would have smooshed her so I decided I was doing her a service. Anyone know what kind of spider this is?


May 17, 2010: When we got up in the morning, the living room was completely picked up and everything was in it’s place. This is how it looked by 8:45. Sigh.


May 18, 2010: How I roll. I cruise to the farmers’ market in my phat VW station wagon (I guess I can’t technically call it a “swagger wagon”) with a sippy full of soy milk in the cup holder. Yeah, I’m that cool.


May 19, 2010: Wyatt finally caught the cold that had been working it’s way through our household and was too sick to go to school. I had already packed him a lunch the night before and when he saw me taking a picture of it for the blog he wanted to eat it right then so that’s what he had for breakfast. Augie was at daycare and I was sick too, so I decided the best thing to do was break all of my home-sick-from-school rules and take him to see a movie and get a cupcake later in the day. Yeah — that’s going to keep him from faking it in the future.


May 20, 2010: Wyatt was back at school today, so Augie and I walked over to get him at pick-up time. Augie likes climbing on this wheelchair access ramp.

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