Project 365 2010: Week 19

by Wendy Copley on June 14, 2010


May 7, 2010: Often on Friday nights, we will get take-out pizza for dinner and then Zach, Wyatt and I will watch an episode of Mythbusters after Augie goes to bed. This is a special “big kid” treat for Wyatt. He sometimes makes it to the end of the show, but more often he falls asleep in weird positions on the couch. On this particular night, he fell asleep wedged into the space on the floor between the coffee table and the couch.


May 8, 2010: I joined the Y. And I do the Precor machines. It’s OK, but I don’t love it or anything. As long as I have a couple of podcasts to listen to it can be kind of pleasant, I guess. I probably broke about 35 rules taking this picture of myself with my phone cam in the mirror though. I figured it would be OK since that guy behind me is all blurry. Shhhhhh! Don’t tell!


May 9, 2010: Speaking of the gym, Zach and I have been working our way through past seasons of The Biggest Loser. You can see crazy-ass Tracy from season 8 there on the screen. You can also see…ahem…the wrapper from the Drumstick I ate while watching it.


May 10, 2010: Augie got tired of having his tray on his high chair during lunch, so he threw it across the kitchen and then sat like this for the rest of his meal. Maybe I should start trying to teach him some table manners soon.


May 11, 2010: This was one of our first really warm weeks, so I let Wyatt pick out a box of popsicles at the store. He chose some super hero ones that all have either purple or dark blue sections on them and whenever the kids eat them they look like wee little goths with their pale, pale skin and messy black lipstick.


May 12, 2010: The boys hang out with their littlest cousin. They are both adorably sweet and gentle with her, and she thinks they’re pretty terrific too!


May 13, 2010: Wyatt got all dressed up for his first music concert so I had to take some GQ style pictures of him. (He chose the pose.) The concert went all right, though as far as Zach and I could tell, Wyatt just stood there and looked around and didn’t do any actual singing.

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