Project 365 2010: Week 17

by Wendy Copley on June 8, 2010


April 23, 2010: Because of a schedule change around at Augie’s day care, Wyatt and I found ourselves with rare morning to ourselves. We decided to have a date and the two of us went off to a local cafe for hot chocolate, muffins and some coloring and drawing. After a couple hours of art and general silliness, we walked up the street to our favorite pizza place for slices of pepperoni (him) and sausage (me). Wyatt captured this photo of me with a crust-tache on my phone.


April 24, 2010: The fateful day I brought home a whole flat of strawberries from the farmer’s market. The guys were packing up when I got there and mistook my reluctance to bring home this many berries for mad bargaining skills. This led to them making me an offer I couldn’t refuse, which then led to me making 18 jars of strawberry jam.


April 25, 2010: Zach took Wyatt and his best buddy to the RoboGames in San Francisco for a day of geeky fun. Grant Imahara from Mythbusters (our favorite show) was there and the boys got a picture of him along with autographed photos of him working on his R2D2 reproduction.


April 26, 2010: Who needs a TV when you can watch a guy steal your recycling out the living room window? I don’t mind them taking our recycling so much (though it drives my husband nuts). What I do mind is when they take the cardboard boxes out to get to the bottles and cans and then leave the boxes on the lawn so I have to go out and clean them up later. When the guy noticed me taking his picture he had the decency to look a little sheepish and then he carefully cleaned up the mess he made. Maybe I’ll pull out the camera more often.


April 27, 2010: Some of the fruit and veggies I picked up at one of our excellent local produce markets. I got rhubarb, meyer lemons and a few other things I couldn’t get at the farmers market, along with Wyatt’s favorite scones and some hard to find imported digestive biscuits.


April 28, 2010: August likes to brush his teeth.


April 29, 2010: I was super excited to see some of my photos used to illustrate a Miami Herald article about bento boxes.

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