Project 365 2010: Week 16

by Wendy Copley on June 7, 2010


April 16, 2010: The area where we live has been in a drought for the last few years and the lawn in our back yard has taken a beating from lack of watering. Now that most of the water restrictions have been lifted, I’ve been trying to revived some of the bare patches in the grass by randomly sprinkling big hand fulls of grass seed on them and watering when I happen to remember to. Our hose doesn’t quite reach all the way to the back of the yard though, so Augie helps me out with the watering can. He’s trying to grow a Crocs tree too but we’ve had even less success with that.


April 17, 2010: This? This is one of the reasons I wanted more than one kid. So I could turn around and be surprised by tender scenes like this one: Wyatt reading to Augie and Augie listening to his big brother with rapt attention. Sometimes it can seem like they bicker all the time, but there are moments of kindness and love like this  frequently and they stop my in my tracks. I love them both so much and I’m so glad they have each other to love them too.


April 18, 2010: Another one of those brilliant moments! Augie gets a quick kiss from Wyatt as his big brother heads off to school with his dad.


April 19, 2010: I think I’ve posted a photo like this before, but I just never get tired of sitting in the care and watching someone else drag those big recycling bins back down the driveway.


April 20, 2010: I coincidentally got a photo of Augie that is very, very similar to one of my all time favorites of Wyatt from about the same age. Same sweatshirt, same sippy cup, same sparkly eyes! (Augie on the left, Wyatt to the right)


April 21, 2010: Wyatt gets a big after dinner hug from his Daddycakes.


April 22, 2010: We finally got our garden beds all planted up! Back to front, left to right: tomato, cucumbers, snap peas, cuke, tomato (cut off in the picture). Middle: pepper, basil, strawberries, two squares of zucchini overflow. Front: pepper, pepper, cucumber, two squares for the zucchini. The cucumbers were almost immediately chomped down by some little critter. Usually it’s the snails that get our plants, but this time I think it might have been a bunny or something because they were there in the afternoon and gone the next morning. Also I put copper tape around the beds to keep the snails out.

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