Project 365 2010: Week 13

by Wendy Copley on May 12, 2010


March 26, 2010: Zach makes breakfast on a sunny day. There’s that marmalade again.


March 27, 2010: August enjoys wearing his dad’s shoes around the house. They’re a little big on him, but he doesn’t mind so much. He’s actually quite skilled at walking in them and he can get all the way from the living room into our bedroom at the back of the house without tripping or stepping out of them by accident. He’s a talented young lad!


March 28, 2010: Wyatt tried his hand at stenciling a shirt with freezer paper. This was my all time favorite craft that Wyatt and I have ever done together. I should probably write a post about it some time…


March 29, 2010: Awwwwww! My three fella all cuddling together.


March 30, 2010: Oh man! This was a totally exciting day for me. One of my absolute favorite blogs, Craft, featured my lemon ginger marmalade post. I know it’s totally geeky to be so excited about this, but I have been reading Craft for years and I subscribed to their magazine back when it was in print, so I was truly honored and floored when I saw the post show up in my Google reader.


March 31, 2010: Wyatt and his buddy zip across the monkey bars at the playground after school. Wyatt likes to kick off his shoes and play in his socks.


April 1, 2010: April Fool’s Day! I took a cue from Betz White and tried out a few April Fool’s tricks on Wyatt for the first time this year. First up, I put food coloring under his cereal so that when he poured the milk in it would turn blue. That was a huge hit. He laughed like crazy about it and insisted that we play the same trick on his dad with green food coloring. Zach thought it was significantly less funny.  Then, while he was at school, I froze some juice in a cup for the “undrinkable OJ” trick. That did not go over well at all and he ended up in tears. Yeah. Not my best parenting moment, but in my defense, I thought he would enjoy it. Maybe next year?

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