Hipstamatic Obsession

by Wendy Copley on May 3, 2010

Beautiful Boy by the San Francisco Bay

A couple weeks ago, Shae posted about her new love for the Hipstamatic photography app for her iPhone. As a fellow iPhone photography lover, I wanted to play too, so I downloaded it and now I’m completely obsessed!

Rainy Driveway

I’ve found that the crazy color filtering and vignetting the app creates make me pay much closer attention to the composition of the photos I take with my iPhone, but I also like that the results are unpredictable.  What you see in the “view finder” is never, ever what you get.


And what you get is the weird results that so often occur when you develop that roll of film you find at the back of the junk drawer. But, you don’t have to wait 17 years for the chemical reactions to take place.


Dooce also wrote about Hipstamatic last month, and one of her readers asked her about the photos she took with it:

Is this the ‘horror movie’ filter in Photoshop?

Heh. They do have a point.

I still think they look cool though.

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