Project 365 2010: Week 11

by Wendy Copley on April 29, 2010

I’m going to be playing catch-up on these Project 365 posts for the next few weeks — I’ve got a big backlog!


March 12, 2010: Wyatt loves toy catalogs.LOVES them. I think that there is nothing he would rather read/look at than a toy catalog. His Playmobil catalog is in tatters and he’s fixed rips and put pages back in it it with scotch tape many, many times. This particular catalog is from Target, I believe and it stuck around for a week or so before making its way into the recycling bin. If I ever recycled the Playmobil catalog though, there would be HELL. TO. PAY.


March 13, 2010: Poor Augie. He started day care two days a week at the beginning of this month and he had two colds within 10 days. He was super cranky and weepy on this day and insisted on being held by his daddy for large swaths of the afternoon.


March 14, 2010: Wyatt and I left his dad and brother behind and took off for the afternoon on a mom/son date. We started off with lunch at a fancy burger place (where he took this photo of me), then we got a cupcake for dessert and finally we walked a few blocks to the best comic shop in town where he sat and looked at comics for an hour or so. We couldn’t leave without anything to read though so I let him pick three comics to bring home. He chose  Batman,  DC Super Friends and an Incredibles  comic. We had a great afternoon and we’ll definitely be doing it more often.


March 15, 2010: I take the kids to play on the school play ground almost every (non-raining) day after I pick Wyatt up from school. Augie has been enjoying sprinting across the blacktop lately.


March 16, 2010: We’ve had an alternately very warm and very rainy spring and the weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind about which way it wants to go. On one of the warm days, I dug a couple of squrt bottles out of the cupboard and let the kids go to town with them in the back yard. August mostly just sucked on the nozzle of his, but Wyatt sprayed everything  he saw, including his own face…and his mother’s pants!


March 17, 2010: We took a walk to a nearby, favorite family restaurant to eat dinner with Erin, Bryan and our niece. You can tell it’s St. Patrick’s day because the boys are wearing green shirts. Not pictured are the green beers we gave them. Kidding! Kidding! Don’t call CPS on us!


March 18, 2010: Erin and I met up for our weekly “play date” in a local business district. We window-shopped as we followed Augie up the street, ate lunch at a Chinese restaurant and then headed back to the car. Poor old Augie conked out just as we got back to the car. Thank goodness for that 5 point harness!

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