March 2010 Goals Update

by Wendy Copley on April 5, 2010


All righty then! Another month has ended and some more goals have been crossed off my list for the year. I’ve really been enjoying completing the goals I’ve set for myself and I think that trying new things and just generally re-prioritizing has made me generally happier after only a few months. This is what I was up to this month:


  • #4 Learn to make pickles and/or marmalade. — Oh heck yeah! I did this one! I made marmalade. And it was hard. Well, it wasn’t hard so much as it was time-consuming. I spent 7 hours making and canning the jam and I got 6 1/2 jars out of it. But then, just a few weeks later, I tried again, with a much easier recipe and it was super fun. I had so much fun that Zach and I are planning to make more preserves this summer. Pickles, here we come!
  • #32 Read more with August. — Unlike his older brother, Augie hasn’t really been a book lover in his short life. For a long, long time, whenever we tried to read to him, he threw a fit until he could get the book out of our hands to chew on it. Then, I found a book called Peek-a-zoo and it’s changed everything. He started off letting us read this book to him, then he let us read a few others and now he’s starting to get why books are so cool, I think. Yay!
  • #33 Read more with Wyatt. — Before this month, I put August to bed and Zach put Wyatt to bed, so Zach did most of the bedtime reading with my big boy. Now, we’ve switched places so I’m reading with Wyatt every night. We start off with him reading a book to me — either one of the ones he’s brought home from school or some of our easy reader books. We’ve found the Byron Barton books — particularly Planes, Trains, and Boats — to be excellent books for an early reader. After he finishes his reading, I read to him. Some of his recent favorites are his many Richard Scarry books, Captain Underpants books, and the Arthur books.
  • #35 Take Augie for walks around the block. — Now that the weather is better, the boys and I have been doing this a couple of times per week. We loved to do this when Wyatt was a toddler and it’s fun to see which of the things that fascinated Wyatt at the same age fascinate Augie too.
    Things they both liked at 18 months: The pebbles in the yard up the street, the barrel fountain, the handle on that one garage.
    Things Augie likes that Wyatt didn’t: the neighborhood dogs (Wyatt liked the cats), making a break for the street, hitting our neighbor’s brand new Prius with a rock (Oh holy CRAP! We did not see that one coming! Thankfully it didn’t leave a mark.)
  • #54 Find a babysitter. — Augie started day care 2 days per week! Wooooo! Now we just need an evening babysitter so Zach and I can go out without the kids occasionally.
  • #72 Volunteer in Wyatt’s classroom. — And now that Augie is in day care 2 days a week, I can volunteer in Wyatt’s classroom sometimes. I’ve already done it once and I’m planning to go in for an hour and a half every other week.
  • #73 Wean Augie. — Yeah man — this is the big one! I nursed Augie for 18 months! And now I’m done! I’m simultaneously sad and thrilled by this. Breastfeeding a baby is so special and something that has given me tremendous joy in my life. As with Wyatt, Augie just suddenly decided that he didn’t want to nurse any more so I didn’t realize that the last time I nursed him was the last time I would nurse him. I’m missing that special time, but I’m also thrilled that Zach (or someone else) can put him to bed now.


  • #40 Use our zoo membership. — This is on the agenda for spring break next week.
  • #41 Visit Little Farm with the kids. — Another spring break activity.

Not going to happen:

  • #39 Take Wyatt to the King Tut exhibit.We missed it! I never got my act together to buy tickets and now it’s closed. The only way this will happen is if we take a trip to New York which is highly unlikely.

For those of you who are keeping track, I’ve accomplished 17 of my 73 goals which puts me at about a 25% completion rate. I’m right on track for the year. I do need to knock out some of my organizational goals though because aside from buying a hamper, I haven’t done any of those.

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