Project 365 2010: Week 8

by Wendy Copley on March 1, 2010


February 19, 2010: Augie loves, loves, loves jumping right now and he especially loves holding onto the edge of his crib and going up and down. Sometimes Wyatt likes to join in by jumping with him.


February 20, 2010: This is my new niece, Evelyn. Isn’t she a little snuggle bunny? She was born on the 15th, but we had to wait 5 whole days to meet her because we all had terrible colds and I really didn’t want to pass on our germs to such a tiny little baby. When we were finally well enough, we went to Erin and Bryan’s to see her. We are so happy she has joined our family.


February 21, 2010: Though it looks like Augie is reading to Wyatt here, Wyatt is actually telling Augie the story of Officer Buckle & Gloria. Like all of Peggy Rathman’s books this is one of our favorites. We often quote the safety rules in it to the boys, our favorite being “Safety Rule #1: Never stand on a chair with wheels!”


February 22, 2010: Wyatt and I played a quick game of Trouble while Augie finished his breakfast. He beat me.


February 23, 2010: The boys goof around in their room before bed time


February 24, 2010: Augie likes to lay on our bed while I fold laundry.


February 25, 2010: Playing on the school playground after Kindergarten pick-up with some of the kids from Wyatt’s class. There is some kind of fad with using these swinging rings all of a sudden. I’ve been taking the boys to play on the playground after school for months now and I think I’ve only seen kids use these rings once or twice. Then, this week there are suddenly kids swinging back and forth constantly. Huh.

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