Project 365 2010: Week 6

by Wendy Copley on February 13, 2010


February 5, 2010: As I mentioned last week, my camera started flashing an error message and stopped taking pictures. I loaded Augie up into the car and headed to the camera repair shop in Oakland where we took it when the auto-focus stopped working. After a 45 minute drive through Friday afternoon traffic, this was the what I was met with when I got to the shop. The big sign says that the store will be closed from October 22 to November 13. Reading this at the beginning of February was my first hint that something was amiss. The other sign was posted by the insurance agency next door and said that they hadn’t heard from the owner since he closed in October. I hope nothing bad happened to the guy, but I was also totally bummed to make that long trip for no reason. Then, to make matters worse, Augie pitched a fit when I went to put him back in his car seat. As I was wrestling him into his seat, I started catching whiffs of some horrible smell. After I got him in the car, I checked my shoes to see if I stepped in dog poop but they were clean. I started looking around on the ground and pretty soon I deduced that when I’d parked the car, I’d run over a Burger King bag filled with poop. Yuck!


February 6, 2010: Over the past few months, Wyatt has been collecting medium sized stones from our yard and various parks we visit and then placing them on top of our mailbox. I find this to be totally annoying because every time I get the mail I’m afraid that rocks are going to fall on me and I’m even more scared that they’ll fall on our mail carrier. I was taking them off every few days, but he always puts them back on so eventually I just kind of gave up. But then the other day he added three huge dirt clods and an old dog bone. This is where I draw the line.


February 7, 2010: Look at our sweet-faced little buddy! Love him!


February 8, 2010: Look at this tough-faced little buddy! I love him too!


February 9, 2010: Wyatt had a tough play date after school. It was one of those days where both boys wanted to play, but neither was really up to it. There was lots of arguing about who was the boss of who and neither was able to be distracted, so the other mom and I decided to cut our losses and keep the boys at our respective homes. Wyatt was feeling pretty fragile when we settled back in and he decided that he needed some hot chocolate, graham crackers and jigsaw puzzles with his mom to feel better, so that’s just what we did.


February 10, 2010: I went to the grocery store to stock up and I was there for over 20 minutes before I noticed that I was wearing my slippers! In my defense, they have rubber soles, so they feel very much like shoes, but still — that’s just ridiculous!


February 11, 2010: When the boys and I got up in the morning, they started fighting  over toys almost immediately. Despite my best efforts to distract and redirect them, neither of them could go more than about a minute and a half without aggravating the other. I’m not very tolerant of screeching before I’ve even had the chance to put the kettle on for tea, so I reached my limit very quickly and decided to separate them. I put up the baby gate and settled Augie into the living room with some toys and set Wyatt to the task of getting dressed in the kitchen. Before the water had even come to a boil, the two of them had both moved over to the gate and were giggling and playing nicely with each other. Brothers! They can’t live with or without each other!

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