Project 365: Week 44

by Wendy Copley on November 19, 2009


October 29, 2009: The boys took their costumes for a spin a couple days before Halloween. The Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder have never looked better, if I may say so.


October 30, 2009: The kids at Wyatt’s school got to wear their costumes to class for the day and they had a big Halloween parade on the playground complete with the high school marching band! Wyatt marched with his friend who also dressed up as Batman.


October 31, 2009: This year’s jack-o-lanterns. The Batman was Wyatt’s choice, for obvious reasons. The smiley guy was Augie’s pumpkin — because he’s so smiley, of course.


November 1, 2009: Ahhhhh….now this is a photo that brings true joy to a mother’s heart! Our driveway is super narrow and we have to move our car to bring our garbage and recycling bins up to the curb from behind our house. It’s a total pain in the patoot and Zach and I both hate doing it. I used my wily mom brain to convince Wyatt that moving the garbage is super fun! and now he gets mad if I don’t let him do it. Nice.


November 2, 2009: Today was my mom’s birthday, so I took a picture of Augie holding a sign that said “Happy Birthday Grandma!” and sent her the photo at work.


November 3, 2009: Yep! This is exactly what you think! Augie is a WALKER now! It’s so fun to watch him go, go, go!


November 4, 2009: This is a common sight in our house — the salad spinner sitting in the sink. I absolutely despise washing the salad spinner by hand and we can’t put it in the dishwasher because it will get misshapen. It’s completely irrational, but I hate it so much that I would rather never eat salad at home than wash it. Seriously. I’ll wash all the dishes in the sink and even wash the sink itself and just leave the spinner sitting there. Eventually Zach will wash it (usually when he wants to make a salad) but until that happens it’s not going anywhere.

(You’ll notice part way through this week that the photos get kind of crappy. The battery on our good camera died on Halloween night and we had to order a replacement online. It took over a week to get it in hand, so I had to take my photos with a phone camera. Just so you know.)

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