One Pretty Thing (or maybe thousands)

by Wendy Copley on November 14, 2009


I think I’m probably late to the party on this one, but have you all heard of One Pretty Thing? Rachel Klein runs this amazingly comprehensive site where she posts multiple round-ups of links to craft projects and tutorials she finds on the internet. I first heard of the site earlier this week when Rachel was interviewed on the CraftyPod podcast (which I also discovered earlier this week).

Rachel posts a daily round-up of between 8-16 general links to craft projects every day and she also posts one or more themed round-ups per day. Some of the incredible round-ups she’s posted in just the few days I’ve been subscribed include:

  • Felt Food Round-up — This one rocked my world. I’ve been wanting to make some felt food for Augie for Christmas but I had no idea so many free tutorials existed. I can’t wait to dive into this list!
  • Birthday Party Round-up — I was thrilled to see that Rachel included my Robot Party on this list, but humbled by the beautiful parties I was surrounded by. Do not miss the Construction Site party if you have a little boy who likes heavy equipment.
  • Edible Gifts Round-up — These ideas and recipes also have my head spinning with ideas.

In fact, Rachel’s whole site has me so inspired and ready to create that I don’t know quite where to start! I have been working my way through some of her older posts but I have to go slowly because, honestly, my brain can’t soak in so many ideas at once. Please go check  out One Pretty Thing if you haven’t already seen it!

Some of my other favorite crafty blogs:

  • Craft Zine — Another site that showcases the best of the crafty web.
  • Sew Mama, Sew — They’re in the midst of a holiday gift idea series that’s pretty great. Last month the theme was using your scraps, which was also inspiring.
  • Made in Brooklyn — This one is different from some of the other blogs I’ve highlighted here. Robyn is a one-woman show who shows daily photos of her baking, sewing and paper craft projects while blogging about family life.
  • The Crafty Crow — Daily round-ups of kids crafts.

What are your favorite crafty blogs? Please enable me!

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