5 Craft Tutorials About Which I am Enthused

by Wendy Copley on November 4, 2009

new shirt

“Hand Me Up” Shirt Refashion

Betz White has a detailed tutorial that demonstrates how to combine two outgrown kid shirts into one just right shirt. Wyatt has been growing at a phenomenal pace lately and all his old long sleeve shirts look more like 3/4 sleeve shirts. I chopped up a few of them using this tutorial as a guide and now he has a couple of faux layered shirts — a look I’m particularly fond of. Of course, as soon as I finished, the temperature shot up to the 70’s and has stayed there for a week….

Edible Crayons

Pretzel “Crayons”

Gourmet Mom on the Go shows us how to make these adorable edible “crayons”. (Really they’re pretzels whose ends have been dipped into candy melts.) She even offers up a free template for the labels. So clever and easy! Look for these in Wyatt’s lunch box in the coming weeks.


Extend the life of a favorite shirt

I need to quit chopping up Wyatt’s old t-shirts if I want to have any hope of handing clothes down to Augie, but this is another tutorial that caught my eye. Rookie Mom Whitney cut the picture off of one of her son’s beloved out-grown shirts and attached it to a plain shirt with fusible webbing. Cute!


Photo Flashcards

Starting kindergarten has made Wyatt eager to learn to read and he’s asking how absolutely everything is spelled now. I’m dying to make these gorgeous wooden flashcards from Jackie Kersh at avocado & papaya.  The nice thing about these is that they can double as blocks and Augie will soon grow into them too. Don’t you love the photos she chose for them?


Simple knit scarf

I’m suddenly obsessed with scarves thanks to this post over at Rookie Moms. In a quest to de-frumpify myself even slightly, I am throwing scarves on with practically every outfit. This super quick project — which is pretty much “Cut a piece of fabric. Put it around your neck.” — is right up my ally.

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