Things I’m Digging

by Wendy Copley on July 27, 2009


  1. StoryCorps — Have you heard StoryCorps? They play it on Morning Edition on Friday mornings. I found the podcast on iTunes a few weeks ago and I’ve been running through the episodes at an amazing rate. It just features people’s stories. The stories of their lives. Big stories, little stories, funny stories, touching stories. I laugh or, more frequently, tear up every time I listen to one. It’s like an oral scrapbook of the American experience. Except great and not as pretentious as that description sounds.
  2. Maclaren Quest Stroller — I wrote a little about this stroller back when we first got it a few months ago. Now that I’ve been using it for awhile, I can tell you that it is the best stroller ever! It was pricey, but when you consider how many strollers we bought when Wyatt was a baby — three — I think that the cost of this one stroller is about the same as what we spent on all of those. I like that it is slim and light, that I can easily maneuver it one-handed and that it doesn’t look all cheesy. I wish I could load it up a bit more without it getting tippy, but I can live with that.
  3. Camera Strap Cover at Design*Sponge — I made one of these for our camera the other day. Not only is is fashionable, but now I don’t have to put up with that weird rubbery side of the strap touching my neck.
  4. Stone Loops of Jurassica — I’m totally addicted to this game. I play it on my iPhone while Augie nurses.
  5. Cosmo Cricket Snorkel paper — I love the bright, summery colors of this paper. Perfect for photos of my cutie little California boys. Actually, I’m loving all the Cosmo Cricket papers right now. Must resist….
  6. Red toenails — Every summer, I paint my toenails red. I finally got to it this week and it gives me so much pleasure to look down and see my toes painted.
  7. Charlie and Lola — I’m suddenly totally enamored of this kids’ show. We’ve checked out some of the books from the library before and they’re great, but I think the show is even better! That’s not something I say very often, either. The voices are perfect and the cool collage-y animation is wonderful to watch. If you have kids, you should go get a DVD to watch, right now!
  8. The Freakin Never Ending To Do List — You have one too, right? Right? Download this free printable and like me, you can laugh every time you pull it out.
  9. Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes — I’ve made three of the cupcakes in here so far. The red velvet recipe was fantastic. The others I’ve made are the brown sugar poundcake with brown butter icing and the triple citrus. Those were good too, but not good enough for me to make either of them again. I think the next kind I’m going to try are the one bowl chocolate cupcakes. I’ve heard lots of good things about those.

And finally, this is going out to all the mothers out there. I hope your kids treat you right!

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