Project 365: Week 28

by Wendy Copley on July 16, 2009


July 9, 2009: How hard is it to keep a 4 1/2 year old out of a trench in the street in front of your house? The answer: very hard. Short of locking Wyatt inside all week or holding his hand the entire time he was playing outside, there was no way we could keep him completely away from the construction that was being done on our street and driveway. Thursday, they poured the concrete for the driveway and curb while he was a preschool. I was so bummed he missed it and even more disappointed that it was mostly dry by the time he got home so we couldn’t carve our initials in the cement together. He still had fun climbing on the construction barricades and pretending to work on the driveway himself. If you look closely, you can see the red wrench he brought outside with him — one of many tools he took out — attached to the barricade behind him.


July 10, 2009: This is our dish cupboard. We have plates and bowls on the bottom shelf, mugs and cups on the next one up, big bowls and overflow bowls on the third shelf (which I can barely reach), tea cups and saucers and  miscellaneous junk on the 4th shelf and plastic toddler plates and bowls and stuff waaaaay up at the top. It might be time to get those down, now that I think of it.


July 11, 2009: While we were eating dinner, Zach’s dad called and told us to go outside and look at the sky. We all went out front and we saw a full semi-circle double rainbow! I couldn’t get the whole thing in the photo, but it was amazingly beautiful.  As the sun went down, the sky faded to a lovely fuschia color and the rainbow persisted. Neither Zach or I could remember having seen anything like it.


July 12, 2009: Another square foot garden project. Our tomatoes are starting to get big and needed something to climb so Zach spent the day building a trellis. One of our beds (the one you see here) is doing phenominally well. The other (to the left in the photo) is an utter failure. The plants aren’t dead yet, but they’re not growing either. We’re pretty sure the bed is getting too much sun, but the other is getting almost as much so it’s a bit of a mystery. Also, I harvested our first zucchini this week!


July 13, 2009: Finally! They finished our driveway. Wyatt was home for this one and when the road crew pulled up, he was so excited! He ran into the kitchen and said, “Mom! There’s a steam roller! And they’re speaking Spanish!”


July 14, 2009: I made salads for lunch. Mine had lettuce (of course), avocado, grilled chicken, goat cheese, raspberries, and spicy sweet pecans.


July 15, 2009: I kept Augie occupied by putting smallish toys in the compartments of the pet hospital, closing the doors and letting him pull them out. Check out that deep squat he’s doing there? Can you imagine doing that for more than a minute or so? He does this all the time.

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