Project 365: Week 25

by Wendy Copley on June 24, 2009


June 18, 2009: The big rose bush in our back yard is in full bloom. This photo only shows a tiny smidge of the plant. It’s gorgeous and it makes me regret not taking better care of it.


June 19, 2009: We got a preview of what Augie will look like 40 years from now while goofing around with the fake mustache. Handsome!


June 20, 2009: We got TP’ed! Zach and I were watching Nurse Jackie when he noticed something white waving in front of the living room window. We went out to investigate and the front of our house had been decorated with toilet paper. We don’t have any trees at our house, so they put it on the bush, around the porch pillars and even around the stepping stones in the flower bed.

We couldn’t figure out why in the heck of the world we’d been targeted — after all, we are no longer 15. At first we thought it might have been kids targeting people at random, but a quick look up and down the block showed not a shred of toilet paper anywhere else. Then we racked our brains trying to think of any incidents where we’d angered some teenagers, but we came up blank. As we cleaned up the paper, we critiqued the work of the decorators — they got high points for wrapping the rocks with toilet paper, but over all we decided they’d done kind of a half-assed job.

After we’d collected it all, Zach went down the driveway to recycle the toilet paper and he stumbled upon three people dressed all in black with their backs pressed up against the side of the house. His first thought was that he was going to have to fight intruders to defend his family. Naturally that got his blood pumping, but it turned out that we’d caught the TP’ers in the act and they’d run down our driveway to hide when we came out. I heard hysterical giggles so I went back out to see what was going on and I discovered Zach talking to three very drunk women in their 30’s. It turns out that they worked with our next door neighbor and they’d meant to get his house instead of ours.

So that mystery was solved, but now we must ask why three 30 year old women are running around TP’ing their co-workers’ houses. Hmmmmmm….


June 21, 2009: Father’s day! We went over to the city to see the Samurai exhibit at the Asian Art museum. Zach and I agreed that it was OK, but we were a little disappointed in it. Wyatt was bored stiff. Afterwards, we went to T-Rex for dinner and one of the appetizers we had was — I kid you not — chicken fried bacon. As soon as the meal ended we reaffirmed our commitment to Weight Watchers.


June 22, 2009: Wyatt has been having fun with this big piece of cardboard all week. First he used it as a barrier to hide behind and he jumped out to scare us about a million times per day. Then he made it into a tunnel — first for his cars to go through, then he tried to lure Augie to crawl through. Augie was having none of it though. Next, he carefully drew a shower head on it, asked Zach to cut it out and then attached it to the top and pretended to take showers (you can see the cut-out there at the bottom). Finally, today, he asked me to cut armholes in it so he could make an Optimus Prime costume. After I cut the holes he decorated it with markers. There’s a reason the cardboard box is in the toy hall of fame.


June 23, 2009: It was in the 80’s, so I brewed a batch of sun tea on the front walk. Yes, our front walk is carpeted. Wanna make something of it? Huh? Huh?


June 24, 2009: As I write this, Zach is busting his boo-tay to get a new release of Laconica out the door. He spent most of the day pounding away and even ate his dinner at he desk. Good luck, my dear!

P.S. I installed a new comment widget on the blog yesterday. Please let me know if you have any trouble commenting as I’m not sure I have it working quite right yet. You can send me an email at daisy at wendolonia dot com. Thanks

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