Ichiban Kan Closing Its Online Store

by Wendy Copley on June 24, 2009

For all you bento lovers out there, I just saw this article on the Ichiban Kan blog saying that they are shutting down their online presence. I am in no way affiliated with Ichiban Kan, but I’m saddened to hear that this will be happening as they are the only online source of bento boxes and supplies I’ve found who offer their products at consistently reasonable prices. If you have been waiting to place an order with them, this may be your last chance for a while. From their blog:

While we do hope to re-establish our online presence in the future when a better financial situation arises, we will be indefinitely closed.

As soon as items are sold out, our online store will be closed.

Hurry, hurry before everything is sold out!

Ichiban Kan

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