Project 365: Week 24

by Wendy Copley on June 18, 2009


June 11, 2009: I went shopping at the new Berkeley Bowl. Berkeley Bowl is an institution in our area — well-known for their incredible, huge selection of produce and horrible parking. The new Bowl seems to have retained the good (check out the root vegetable section here!) and solved the parking problem with a larger lot and a two story garage.


June 12, 2009: This is Wyatt working at the desk we set up in his office (which is actually a little table in the shared family office). He very carefully chose what he wanted on his desk and decided that a poster of the man-eating lions of Tsavo was the proper decoration. Later he added a snapshot of Augie and one of Zach and our friend Evan together. He’s been working at his desk several times per day since we set this up. One night I asked him if he wanted to come out to help me make dinner in the kitchen and he told me, “Sorry Mama — I just have too much work to do. I have to get some stuff done before I can play.”


June 13, 2009: The boys and I went to the Oakland Zoo with our neighbors. Wyatt and his buddy spent a good 20 minutes on top of the rabbit burrow slide talking trash. When you’re in the 4-5 year old age range, talking trash involves saying the word “poop” a lot apparently. When I figured out what they were doing, I quickly put an end to it but by then they’d managed to tick off much of the preschool population of the East Bay, so we moved on to the tigers.


June 14, 2009: Augie is cruising all over the place now, so the baby gates are in heavy rotation.


June 15, 2009: Our tomato plants are starting to flower! We planted seven tomato plants this year, so we should be full up on tomatoes in a few months. I can’t wait!


June 16, 2009: Hanging out at the table after dinner.


June 17, 2009: He pretty much lives in the Batman costume when he’s not at school. Check out those dirty toes. That, my friends, says “summer” to me. Now if only the weather would catch up….

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