Project 365: Week 21

by Wendy Copley on May 27, 2009


May 21, 2009:  I was planning to make Zach a cake for his birthday, so I stopped at Spun Sugar to see if there was anything fun I could use to decorate it. I got a couple of things, but Zach decided he wanted strawberry shortcake for his birthday treat instead (um…yum!)  so I’ll be saving those for another time. This is a rack of sprinkles and colored sugar. Pretty, no?


May 22, 2009: For Zach’s 40th! birthday we got a rare night out without the kids. Aunt Erin and Uncle Bon-Bon came over to watch Augie and Wyatt and we headed over to the city to have dinner at Heaven’s Dog where Zach’s brother Charlie is one of the chefs. The restaurant features upscale Chinese food and has a killer bar with lots of interesting cocktails. Charlie treated us to a fabulous, excessive dinner. He told us he’d start by sending out a few appetizers for us to try and by “a few” he meant six (6)! There were chicken skewers, sticky rice packets, lettuce wraps and dumplings galore. By the time we’d finished sampling it all, we were full, but then Charlie insisted that we try four (4) different entrees. Yikes! As if that weren’t enough, he finished us off with three(3) different desserts. I won’t even mentioned how many cocktails came to our table. By the time we left, our bellies were distended and we still waddled out with a huge bag of leftovers.

The other fun part of the night was that Adam Savage from Mythbusters was there. You can see him in the photo above,  just over Zach’s cocktail. He’s the one with the blonde hair and the black jacket who isn’t a kid. We are huge Mythbusters fans and love to watch it with Wyatt, so it was pretty cool to see him in person.


May 23, 2009: Saturday we went down to Morgan Hill to visit our friend Allison and her family and all go to the Mushroom Mardi Gras. Here, Zach and Wyatt enjoy the tea cups ride.


May 24, 2009: I spent a good deal of the day on Sunday working on a sewing project. I’ll have a post on that later.


May 25, 2009: Our Memorial Day was absolutely thrilling. Zach works for a Canadian company, so he didn’t have the day off and everything was closed, so the boys and I hung out around the house most of the day and then hit the grocery store for our big outing in the afternoon. Overall our trip to the store was pretty disastrous. I had initially wanted to go to Costco, but didn’t realize it was closed for the holiday until I pulled into the parking lot. We went to Lucky instead which was fine, but when I got up to the check-out I realized I’d left my wallet at home. Zach zipped over to the store to bring it to me and was there within five minutes, but it was still a pain. Then, when I got home, I realized that I’d spent an hour and $160 shopping and I didn’t buy any frickin’ milk — which was the whole reason I’d gone to the store in the first place. My life really is pretty hard, isn’t it?


May 26, 2009: Ahhhhhhh! The first corn of the summer. You know I love the corn, right? I am an Iowa girl, after all. We’re getting all the good stuff now — corn, cherries, peaches. Heavenly!


May 27, 2009: What is my baby’s favorite toy? Why it’s our universal memory card reader!

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