Project 365: Week 20

by Wendy Copley on May 22, 2009


May 14, 2009: Everybody loves babies until they attack!


May 15, 2009: Batman and the “real” Ninja! We had dinner at our friends’ house and the kids dressed up in costumes the whole night long. Wyatt brought his Batman costume along (I love the collar sticking out of the top. Hee!) and Little R wore her ninja costume. They kept telling us she was a “REAL ninja”. Maybe a ninja of cute-osity…


May 16, 2009: We spent most of Saturday working on the square foot garden boxes. We got both of the boxes assembled (mostly), but then we had to go to three different nurseries to get compost. The compost has been the biggest pain in the booty part of this project so far, I think.


May 17, 2009: Sunday, we mixed up the dirt (compost, peat moss and vermiculite), got it in the boxes and put the dividers on one of the boxes. We still need to get the dividers on the other box and plan out where we’re going to put everything, then we can start putting seeds and plants in the ground. I’ll be doing a whole post about this process when we’re all finished, so keep an eye out for it.


May 18, 2009: Oh yeah, baby! This is what I look like after the gym. The bandana is to keep the fly-away hair out of my eyes. It always makes me sing, “Paradise City” when I put it on though.


May 19, 2009: Oh yeah, baby! Look at our big boy pulling up on his mama. Augie is getting up on his knees all the time now and he’s even pulled himself up to standing two or three times. He likes to balance when he kneels, but he’s still pretty wobbly, so he falls and conks his head a lot. This face is quintessentially, Augie, by the way.


May 20, 2009: Notice a theme with Wyatt this week? He has had his Batman costume on for a good chunk of every day. We spend a lot of effort adding the word “bat” to the beginning of nouns when he’s in one of these phases and everyone in our family is a part of the game. August is Robin, I’m Batgirl and Zach is Alfred. He even wore his costume on a walk to the store with me. Man, is it ever cute when he does that! Everyone we pass comments on it (except the people with cold, dead hearts) which embarrasses him a little, but not enough to stop him from wearing it. Don’t you wish that you had something like that? An outfit that made you feel strong and invincible and happy?  I do.

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