Today’s “Did Do” List

by Wendy Copley on April 22, 2009

Sink with dirty dishes

One of my all time favorite activity suggestions on the Rookie Moms website is to write a “did do” list instead of a “to do” list. My to do list is long, but my did do list on any given day isn’t too shabby. This is what I accomplished in the  first two hours I was awake (7:15-9:15):

  • Nursed Augie
  • Dressed Augie
  • Made breakfast for Wyatt
  • Made and ate breakfast for myself
  • Spoon-fed Augie smashed bananas mixed with prune juice
  • Made and drank two cups of tea
  • Checked my email
  • Packed Wyatt’s lunch
  • Assembled a Lego truck from the 13 steps of instructions
  • Washed the remaining dinner dishes from last night
  • Wiped the kitchen counters
  • Finished loading the dishwasher and started it
  • Cleaned smashed bananas off every nook and cranny the baby could find on himself and the high chair
  • Chopped a watermelon up for snacks during the day
  • Picked out an outfit for Wyatt and nagged him to put it on
  • Taught Wyatt how to un-button and button a shirt (again)
  • Styled and photographed a bento box photo
  • Dressed myself (I know how to button my shirt, so this went pretty fast)
  • Changed a giant poopy diaper (go prune juice!) and selected a fresh outfit for the baby
  • Loaded both kids into the car
  • Drove to preschool and dropped Wyatt off

What have you done so far today?

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