Emergency Kit Winners! Plus more tips!

by Wendy Copley on April 22, 2009

OK, so we have our winners — selected by the nifty widget at Random.org. They are:

8    Carol
11    Carrie
13    dsanborn
23    Valerie
27    shannon
28    Queen of the Click
29    Kelli North
36    Emilie S
39    Monica
41    koala brains
44    Liz
52    Sunah Cherwin

I’ve sent an email out to all of you, so if you haven’t already found it, keep an eye out for it.

I thought I would pass along some more great tips that came out in the comments. You all are a well-prepared lot!

Many people mentioned that you should have food and other supplies for your pets. This is something I don’t really think about because we don’t have animals, but if you do have pets, be sure to plan for them too.

Several people also mentioned that you should have copies of your important documents — SSN cards, birth certificates, marriage licenses, etc. — in your go bags. Andrea and dsanborn suggested keeping current photos of your family in your kits. If someone gets separated you’ll be able to use the photos to help you look for them.

Carol S had this great idea:

Hang a wrench off of the gas meter-so if there is a major earthquake you can turn off the gas if needed without having to find something to turn it off with.

Julie Beth had these good suggestions for keeping kids comfortable if you need to evacuate:

One thing I would suggest adding to a kit if you have children are small “treats” to help pass the time if you would have to evacuate to a shelter. I bought the mini bubbles (like you use for a wedding send off) on clearance. Other party favor type things don’t take up much room and can be a needed distraction in a less than normal setting. For adults a deck of cards or book of sodukos might be a good idea. I also bought cheap glow sticks on necklaces so I could give them to my kidlets so they would have their own light in a possibly dark and scary place (and so I can keep track of them).

I thought Cathy’s suggestion to donate the food you rotate was a nice idea:

I go to Costco and buy canned foods I know I won’t eat, ie. Dintymore Beef Stew, spam and some soups. Every year when they are having food drives I donate them all to the food drive while they are still good and replace them.

Alyssa Coberly had not one, but two, good tips:

We keep $40 in $1 bills in each of our 72 hour kits (important to do it in both in case you get seperated)

Also we have scanned every single important document (marriage license, passport, credit cards, health insurance info) and along with picture disks for the last 5 years we sent a copy to each of our parents to put in their safes … this way we know that we dont have to try and dash around our home worrying that we didnt get our marriage certificate or something … just worry about getting out of the house safe!

And finally, Dan S. had this wisdom to offer:

I make sure that I keep all of my bins of Burning Man stuff packed year round. Since I am chronically over-prepared at Burning Man, this means I have everything from emergency blankets to first aid kits to wind-up toys. In the event of an emergency, I can just load up the bins into the car and head to the desert to ride out the apocalypse.

Thanks for sharing everyone!

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