Meal Planning: Freezer Edition

by Wendy Copley on December 10, 2008


We’re stretched a little thin this month, what with Christmas and all so I dug into the freezer today to see what treasures were tucked away inside. I came up with a total bonanza of food. Sweet! This is what we’re having:

Wednesday: Skillet goulash — this totally rocked the last time we had it and I couldn’t wait to have it again. The photo above is of the leftovers. It’s pretty tough to photograph goulash without it coming out looking like dog food. I pulled the steak for this dish out of the freezer.

Thursday: Meatloaf (I made an extra and froze it the last time we had it), baked potato wedges, veggie

Friday: Braised pork with salsa verde (the pork was in the freezer)

Saturday: Chicken with tomatoes, olives and feta, pasta

Sunday:Family dinner — I’ll probably make a soup or stew in the crock pot.

Monday: South of the Border quiche (I’ll make an extra and freeze it).

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