Gingerbread House

by Wendy Copley on November 30, 2008

Friday, Wyatt and I put together a gingerbread house. This is the second year in a row we’ve done this and I’m hoping that it’s going to become a tradition for us to make one every year on the day after Thanksgiving. We started with a basic Wilton Gingerbread House kit and I supplemented with a big bag of M&Ms, some candy canes a bag of spice drops and a bag of giant gum drops. There is no way in hell I was going to make my own gingerbread house. I tried that once, back in high school and it was a big old pain in the patootie.  No sir — a kit is just fine.

What makes a gingerbread house look good is candy. Lots of candy. Get as much candy on that thing as you can fit on there. Then add a little more. I like lots of colors too, so besides the M&Ms you don’t see any  chocolate on our house.

This is the front view: Note the yellow ball to the right of the door — that’s the doorbell. Wyatt insisted that we put that on there. He also really wanted the gumdrop fence around the edge and I thought that ended up looking really good. I bought that tree in the front yard.

Gingerbread House -- Front

This is a view of the right side of the house. Wyatt wouldn’t let me put anything but the window on this wall, but I think we made up for it with the roof.

Gingerbread House -- Right Side

Here’s the back wall.

Gingerbread House -- Back

A view of the left wall:

Gingerbread House -- Left Side

And finally, here’s a top view looking down.

Gingerbread House -- Top

We made this little snow man out of gumdrops. Wyatt made me put those creepy blue eyes on there. They’re kind of growing on me now.

Gingerbread House -- snowman close-up

This chimney and Santa are the “customized” piece of the house. Wyatt really, really wanted this, but the kit doesn’t come with a chimney, so I had to make one. I used kraft cardstock so that it would look like gingerbread, but we ended up completely covering it with frosting, so it didn’t matter much.  The Santa is downloaded off the internet. I pulled it into photoshop and printed two versions — one regular and one flipped — then cut them out and taped them together so it looks like Santa’s waving from either the front or the back.

Gingerbread House -- Chimney close-up

I think he’s my favorite part!

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