Meal Planning…er…Wednesday

by Wendy Copley on November 12, 2008

OK, so my big goal for this week is to make dinner at home every single night for seven days. Yikes! To many of you, this would probably be no big deal, but we are really bad about getting take out when we are tired, so this is a challenging for me.

We started last night, but I’m just getting to posting our menu today. I’m hoping posting here will keep me on the straight and narrow.

Tuesday: Pork, broccoli and red pepper stir fry over white rice

Wednesday: Skillet Goulash from the latest issue of Cook’s Country, green salad

Thursday: home made chicken noodle soup, bread, green salad

Friday: artichoke ravioli with lemon-artichoke sauce, garlic bread

Saturday: Thai coconut fish, stir fried green beans and red pepper

Sunday: Turkey dinner! I got a free turkey for spending $100 at Lucky, so I’ll be making that along with sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts and stuffing. Our neighbors are coming over and they’ll bring mashed potatoes and a pumpkin cheesecake.

Monday: pork chops with some kind of pan sauce, roasted acorn squash and green salad

I’m also making homemade applesauce and trying a couple of recipes from a book called the Toddler Café
to see how Wyatt likes them. I’ll report back here with the results on those.

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