Linky Goodness

by Wendy Copley on July 14, 2008

I’ve been collecting some good links lately and thought I would share them with you, Internet.

Craft Blog — I feel pretty neutral about Craft magazine — don’t love it, don’t hate it — but I looooove their blog. They always have great, interesting, amusing projects and post a bunch every day.

Bembo’s Zoo — Great site for kids. Animals and letters combine in a cool visual tool.

This Tom Selleck Cake — I’d like a hunk of cake like this!

Where the Hell is Matt — his videos rock. I find it very difficult to watch these without tearing up at the thought of how amazing this world is. And we’re going to vacation in Vallejo this summer….

Japanese Paper Dioramas — I keep telling myself, “I don’t have time for another hobby. I don’t have time for another hobby.” So far I’ve resisted.

The Big Picture — amazing photos updated every few days.

Classic Photos recreated in Legos — click through to the photo page to get links to the originals.

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