20 Weeks: Half-way Through Pregnancy

by Wendy Copley on April 12, 2008

I’ve finally started taking photos and documenting my pregnancy. I feel a little guilty about it because I started much earlier with Wyatt, but I was reluctant to start doing all this stuff when we were going through the trisomy 8 stuff (I promise I’ll eventually write that up for the blog).

In any case, we did our first batch of photos last week. Here I am at 20 weeks:

20 Weeks

It was no surprise that Wyatt wanted to get into the pictures. He’s so excited about his little brother. He asks about him every day. When we eat a meal, he asks if the baby likes it. He puts his hand on my stomach and tells me he can feel the baby kicking (too early for him to feel, though I can).  He also pretends that he has a baby growing in his tummy too.

20 Weeks

20 Weeks

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