Butterfly Collage

by Wendy Copley on March 16, 2008

Butterfly Collage

Zach and I have been getting kind of sick of the Brault Limonade poster we have hanging over our couch and we’ve been trying to think of something new to do with the space. Since we take so many photos, we’ve decided to hang a bunch of pictures up in a big grouping. We want to intersperse other decorative pieces in with the photos too, so we’ve been taking our time sorting through photos and looking around the house for pieces of art to hang up. I also wanted to make a few things that I can switch out when the seasons change or around the holidays to make our house feel festive.

A few months ago, Ali Edwards showed this butterfly collage over on her blog and it must have stuck pretty firmly in my brain because as I was thinking up something springy to make the other day, I found myself almost exactly duplicating it. I punched the butterflies out of paper from the Wild Saffron line from K&Co and mounted them on dark brown paper. The dark brown wasn’t the best choice I’ve ever made since I was putting the piece in a black frame, but I’ve decided I don’t actually care that much. I really like how this came out, actually. I think it looks like one of those old-timey specimen trays with real butterflies mounted inside. I mean, it’s obvious that these are paper, but it has the same sort of feel.

Anyway, we haven’t finished putting our big photo grouping together, but when we do this will be included. And I’ll be sure to post some photos when the new art is up on the wall.

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